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News Archive

January 2021   Vic Roberts

We are very sad to announce the death of Vic Roberts after a short illness. Vic had a long career in amateur theatre in Nottingham as a talented, accomplished and versatile actor with an uncanny ability to quickly learn his lines. 

He had been a stalwart of the Bonington Players, and before that the Prospect Players, and had been rehearsing for a role in 'The Lady Vanishes' before it had to be cancelled last March. 

He had twice won the NANDA Actor of the Year award whilst with the Bonos. Firstly in 2002, playing Albert Parker in ‘When We Are Married', and in 2011, where he was a magnificent Willy 
Loman, pictured, in 'Death of a Salesman’.

He is going to be greatly missed




NANDA Play of the Year Awards 2020

No Awards Dinner this year because of Covid-19 but we were successful with our entry of ‘Ten Times Table”.
Josh Hayes was awarded Best Actor for his role of Eric. (That’s him in the pic, on the table.) There were Special Mentions for Howard Whitehurst, Director, Gennie Price, Best Newcomer, and also for costumes and technical presentation.




NANDA Play of the Year Awards June 2019

Fantastic night at the NANDA Awards Dinner! Play of the Year for The Foreigner along with Best Actor and Set Design. Best costumes for Lord Arthur Savile's Crime. All three productions' directors nominated for Best Director along with other members nominated for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress etc, etc. 




June 2018  

NANDA Play of the Year Awards 2018

Another great night at NANDA’s Play of the Year Awards Dinner with Howard Whitehurst, Director of the Year, and Anna Hodkin, Set Design, picking up awards for ‘Move Over Mrs Markham’. Phil Chapman also got a Special Mention for Best Supporting Actor.
Our other entry, 'Murder on the Nile', got Special Mentions for Anna Hodkin, Director, Tony Tomlinson, Best Actor, Phil Chapman, Best Supporting Actor, Val Terry, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Set Design, Tony Tomlinson.

 to all!






June 2017

NANDA Play of the Year awards 2017


Another successful night at the annual awards ceremony.  Our production of Brief Encounter scooped four awards - Best Director for Anna Hodkin, Best Supporting Actress for Jo Thomas, Best Newcomer for Lauren Hodkin and Best Technical Presentation for David Goatham. In the picture, Anna is shown holding Jo’s award as, sadly for us, Jo has left the area for pastures new in Cumbria. 



June 2016 - NANDA Play of the Year awards


Another great night at the NANDA Play of the Year awards with Anna Hodkin winning Best Supporting Actress in Sitting Pretty.
Photo shows Anna with the brand new trophy.

August 2015: Forthcoming 2015-16 Season

We are pleased to announce the details of our forthcoming 2015-2016 season. We begin with Jeffrey Archer’s courtroom drama “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” which originally starred  Wendy Craig and Frank Finley.  The new year opens with “Tiptoe through the Tombstones” a comedy thriller by Norman Robbins, followed by the dramatic comedy “Sitting Pretty” by Amy Rosenthal and which originally starred her mother Maureen Lipman.


June 2015: NANDA Play of the Year awards
Bonos Blackadder goes forth


Successful night again at the NANDA Awards Dinner with trophies for Best Set Design, Kerry Williams, and Best Costumes, Christine Chapman, for “Blackadder Goes Forth".


July 2014: Forthcoming 2014-2015 season.

We are pleased to announce the details of our forthcoming 2014-2015 season. We begin with three episodes of the brilliant BBC comedy series "Blackadder Goes Forth" by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton. In the new year we will be presenting the famous TV comedy "Up Pompeii" by Miles Tredinnick and we will close with a staging of the classic Ealing comedy by Grahan Linehan"The Ladykillers".

Awards for BONOS

June 2014: NANDA Play of the Year awards

Another great night at the NANDA Awards Dinner with trophies for Producer of the Year, Anna Hodkin for "The Rivals", Actress of the Year, Abi Hemmings jointly with Zoe Lander (who wasn't there!) for "The Memory of Water", and Best Set Design, Howard Whitehurst and his team for "Gaslight".




August 2013: Forthcoming 2013-2014 season.

We are pleased to announce the details of our forthcoming 2013-2014 season.  We begin with the famous Victorian thriller “Gaslight” by Patrick Hamilton.  In the new year we will be presenting the classic comedy “The Rivals” by John Brinsley Sheridan and we will close with a modern comedy by Shelagh Stephenson “The Memory of Water”.

June 2013: NANDA Play of the Year awards
NANDA Play of the year awardsAnother great night at the NANDA Play of the Year awards last week with the Bonos winning two trophies.

Best All Round Play for “Brassed Off”

Actor of the Year for Steve Atkin in the role of Danny in Brassed Off”

A fantastic way to round off our 50th season. Congratulations to everyone.




August 2012: BONOS Golden Jubilee Season

We are proud to announce the details of our forthcoming 50th Anniversary season.  We begin with a revival of the very popular Alan Ayckbourn farce “Taking Steps”, and follow that with the stage version of the critically acclaimed film “Brassed Off”.  We are very pleased that Newstead Brass will be joining us on stage for this production.  We end the season with a stage version of the ever popular TV series “Hi De Hi”


Nanda - Play of the Year awards 2012

June 2012: NANDA Play of the Year awards

Great night at the NANDA Play of the Year awards last week with the Bonos winning three trophies.
Best All Round Play for “Shakers Re-stirred”
Actress of the Year for Jo Thomas in “Shakers Re-stirred” (Photo to left shows Jo with the Jose Cooke Rosebowl)
Adjudicator's Special Award for Forward Looking Technology and Effects

Congratulations to everyone.




May 2012: Taking Steps

Our fiftieth anniversary season commences with Alan Ayckbourn's three floor farce and a night you will never forget.. The Bonington Theatre, Arnold Leisure Centre, Arnold, Nottingham
Wednesday 17th - Saturday 20th October 2012 ... More details


Vic Roberts3June 2011 - NANDA Awards

At the NANDA Play of the Year Awards last week, Vic Roberts picked up the Harry Penson Trophy for Actor of the Year for his portrayal of Willy Loman in Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman". He is pictured, left, with director of the play, Howard Whitehurst. - Very well deserved Vic.



June 2010 - NANDA Awards

Congratulations everyone for another successful NANDA awards night - adjudicator's special award for Katherine Howard, best set design for Fawlty Towers and honourable acting mentions for Adam Guest (Manuel in Fawlty Towers) and Anna Hodkin (Katherine in Katherine Howard). Well done.



March 2010 - NANDA Awards

Bono actor takes prize at NANDA One Act Play Festival. Adam Guest scooped the Best Supporting Actor prize at this year's NANDA One Act Play Festival for his role as Manuel in our production of Fawlty Towers. The Bonington Players took one of the episodes from their recent sell-out run of Fawlty Towers to the festival.





John EdgeApril 2010 - John Edge

It was with great sadness that The Bonington Players recently announced the death of their President, John Edge. 
John joined the Bonington Players in 1973, appearing on stage in “Not Now Darling”.  He was to go on to play many diverse roles in over fifty productions during the next thirty years or so.  These included Ebenezer Scrooge, Professor Van Helsing, Archbishop Cranmer, sundry barons, squires and brokers’ men in pantomime and a selection of animals including Mr Badger in “The Wind in the Willows” and Owl in “Winnie the Pooh”.  One role he was to play with great effect on three separate occasions was that of an ancient crumbling family butler, most recently in “Ring Round the Moon”.  He was last on stage just three years ago in ”'Allo 'Allo” as the piano player in Cafe Rene.

John was a talented scenic artist and set designer and  produced numerous sets over the years, particularly period pieces which were his forte.  He loved sourcing appropriate furniture and items of décor to ensure that he had the detail just right. 
John will be sadly missed.









BONOS Archive...

2021/22 Season
Silly Cow
The Lady Vanishes

2019/20 Season
Spirit Level
Ten Times Table

2018/19 Season
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
The Foreigner

2017/18 Season cadia
Move over Mrs Markham
Nobody's Perfect
Murder on the Nile

2016/17 Season
Brief Encounter
And then there were none

Wife begins at 40

2015/16 Season
Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Tiptoe Through The Tombstones
Sitting Pretty

2014/15 Season
Blackadder Goes Forth
Up Pompeii
The Ladykillers

2013/14 Season
The Rivals
The Memory of Water

2012/13 Season
Taking Steps
Brassed Off

2011/12 Season
It Runs in the Family
Jack and the Beanstalk

Shakers Re-stirred

2010/11 Season
Death of a Salesman
Hay Fever

2009/10 Season
Katherine Howard
Fawlty Towers
Abigail's Party

2008/09 Season
Witness for the Prosecution
The Government Inspector

2007/08 Season
Lucky Sods
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Treasure Island

2006/07 Season
Blithe Spirit
'Allo 'Allo
A Midsummer Night's Dream

2005/06 Season
Home is Where Your Clothes Are

2004/05 Season
Pack of Lies
Mother Goose
Don't Dress for Dinner

2003/04 Season
All My Sons
The Owl and the Pussycat

2002/03 Season
Ghost Train
Ring Round the Moon

2001/02 Season
Bedroom Farce
When We Are Married

2000/01 Season
Out of Order
Babes in the Magic Wood
Natural Causes

1999/00 Season
Noises Off
Alice in Wonderland
The Importance of Being Earnest

1998/99 Season
Run for Your Wife
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Plaza Suite

1997/98 Season
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole
The Wind in the Willows
What the Butler Saw

1996/97 Season
Last Tango in Whitby
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

1995/96 Season
SS Farndale Avenue
Humpty Dumpty
Murder by Misadventure

1994/95 Season
The Winslow Boy
Sleeping Beauty
Shut your eyes and Think Of England

1993/94 Season
The Last Pantosaurus
Erpingham Camp

1992/93 Season
Gosforth's Fete
Steel Magnolias

1991/92 Season
The Day After the Fair
Winnie the Pooh
No Sex Please We're British
Tom Jones

1990/91 Season
Hobson's Choice
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Seven Year Itch

1989/90 Season
Deadly Nightcap
A Christmas Carol
The Hound of the Baskervilles

1988/89 Season
How the Other Half Loves
The Farndale Avenue Murder Mystery

1987/88 Season
Whose life is it anyway?
Snow White
See How They Run

1986/87 Season
Key For Two
Who Killed Santa Claus
Fur Coat and no Knickers

1985/86 Season
Outside Edge
Mother Goose's Golden Christmas
The Anniversary
Sweeney Todd the Barber

1984/85 Season
Taking Steps
Little Red Riding Hood
The House by the Lake
A Bedfull of Foreigners

1983/84 Season
Murder with Love
Mr Macaroni and the Exploding Pizza Pie
Semi Detached

1982/83 Season
Bedroom Farce
Dick Whittington
Lloyd George Knew my Father
Habeas Corpus

1981/82 Season
Big Bad Mouse
Babes in the Magic Wood
Daughter of the Left Hand
Come Blow Your Horn

1980/81 Season
Count Dracula
Sleeping Beauty
Arsenic and Old Lace
A Murder Has Been Arranged

1979/80 Season
The Birdwatcher
Jack and the Beanstalk
Blithe Spirit

1978/79 Season
A Man for All Seasons
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Wait Until Dark
Relatively Speaking

1977/78 Season
Move Over Mrs Markham
Murder at the Vicarage
Good Old Teddie
Barefoot in the Park

1976/77 Season
Suddenly at Home
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Billy Liar

1975/76 Season
Lord Arthur Saville's Crime
Worm's Eye View
Black Comedy

1974/75 Season
Not Now Darling
Dark Lucy

1973/74 Season
Pools Paradise
Pink String and Sealing Wax
Post Horn Gallop

1972/73 Season
Wanted - One Body
A Christmas Carol
Old Time Music Hall

1971/72 Season
Ten Little Indians
Lucky for Some

1970/71 Season
Flat Spin
Mother Goose
Women are Like That
Something to Hide

1969/70 Season
I'll Get My Man
No Time For Love
Spring and Port Wine

1968/69 Season
Dry Rot
Ghost Train
Brush with a Body

1967/68 Season
For Better For Worse
Tell Tale Murder
The Abominable Snowman

1966/67 Season
Sailor Beware
See How They Run

1965/66 Season
Beside the Seaside
The Paragon
The Brides of March
Charley's Aunt

1964/65 Season
The Happiest Days of your Life
Love from a Stranger
Goodnight Mrs Puffin
Love's a Luxury

1963/64 Season
Queen Elizabeth Slept Here
When We Are Married
Love in a Mist

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